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Q What is the check-in and check-out times?
A Check-in time is 3 p.m. and chck-out time is 11 a.m.
Q Is early check-in possible?
A We are sorry, but early check-in is not available. We can, however,secure guests' luggage before the 3 p.m. check-in time.
Q Is a late check-out possible?
A Yes, but with an additional fee. There are cases in which late-check out cannot be accepted due to limited room availability. Please check availability at the reception desk in advance.
Q Can you hold my luggage before check in or after check out?
A Yes. The reception desk will take care of your luggage.
Q Can you keep valuables?
A All valuables are stored by the reception desk staff. There's no safe in the guest room. Please come to the reception desk for paperwork when checking in your valuables.
Q Can I pay by credit cards or electronic money?
A Credit cards are accepted for the payment of accommodation, parking, and shopping in the lobby. Copy/FAX services, and ticket purchase are cash only.
Electronic money is not accepted in our hotel.
Q Is there a curfew? Is the entrance door locked in the night?
A There is no curfew. The entrance door is unlocked 24 hours.
Q Can I carry my room key outside?
A No. We request all guests leave their room keys at the reception desk.
Q Can I wear slippers and room wear outside of the room?
A Slippers and room wear provided in the guest rooms can be worn on the guest room floors, and in the lobby, vending machine area, and self-service laundry area.
Please do not enter restaurants or go out of hotel building with slippers and/or room wear on.
Q Is there an Internet connection?
A Free Wi-Fi is available in the hotel building. There is no LAN available.
Q Is it possible to send my belongings to the hotel in advance?
A Sure! Please clearly show your check in date and reservation names in the shipping invoice. Since we have limited storage space for frozen or chilled items, please consult us in advance when sending such items.

[Shipping Address]
〒850-0842 Nagasaki Bus Terminal Hotel, 1-14 Shinchi-cho Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Pref..
Q Is there a courier service?
A Shipment service is taken care of by the reception desk on the 1st floor.
We sell boxes for shipment as well. Please ask at the reception desk.
Please be reminded that shipment services are for domestic destinations only.
Q Can I stay with my pet?
A We are sorry, but pets are not allowed to stay with guests (except guide dogs and service dogs). We are unable to take care of pets at the reception, either.
Q I have a small child. What is the accommodation fee for children?
A Children under school age (6 years old or younger) can stay free of charge when sharing beds with parents. However, their meals are not free.
Also, there is a limit to the number of children you may have in a room depending on the type of the room. Please ask us by phone or e-mail for details.
Q Are there barrier-free rooms?
A We are sorry, but we do not have barrier-free rooms.
Q Do you have wheelchairs?
A We are sorry, but we don't provide wheelchairs.
Q What is the cancellation policy?
A In accordance with the agreement, we charge the following cancellation fees.
The day before check in: 20%
On the check-in day: 80%
No show: 100%
Please notify us about any change in your reservation, including cancellation, as soon as possible.
Q Is there a cleaning service?
A Please come to the reception desk to order.
If the order is made prior to 10:00 a.m., cleaning is completed on the same day after 6 p.m.
There's no service on Sunday and some other holidays including holidays around New Year's Day.
Q Is there a self-service laundy facility?
A Yes, we have self-service laundry machines that can be used 24 hours.
Q How late do you provide room cleaning?
A Guestroom cleaning starts between 11:00 and 12:00 for rooms of consecutive nights guests. Cleaning is supposed to be completed by 3 p.m.
Please pardon us that we refrain from cleaning the room if the guest keeps staying in the room after 12 o'clock. Thank you for your understanding.
Q Is there areas for smoking?
A Smoking policy in public areas are as follows:

■Registered guests and Conference Room users.
> Use designated smoking room.
■Restaurant guests, Airport Shuttle passengers and other guests
> Smoking is not permitted.
Q Can you exchange foreign currencies?
A I'm sorrt but we don't have a foreign exchange service.
Q Where is the parking lot?
A We have one parking lot next to the hotel and three affiliate lots within 4-minute walk. Please check the Parking Lot information in this Web site for details such as size limitation and parking fee.
Q Can I reserve a parking lot?
A I'm sorry. Parking lot is on a first-come-first-served basisonly. We don't take reservations.
Q Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
A Yes. There is restaurant "SHO-YA" on the 1st floor.
Q What are the business hours of the restaurant?
A Business hours are as follows:

■Breakfast: 6:45 - 10:30 (last order 10:00)
■Others 11:00 - 22:00 (last order 21:30)
Q Please tell me about the breakfast menu.
A We have two types of set menu, Japanese style and western style.
Q Are there dishes for people with food restrictions and/or allergies?
A We try to accommodate to the needs of all guests. Pplease let us know in advance about your food restrictions to allow adequate preparation time.
Q Can we smoke in the restaurant?
A I'm sorry, but NO. Our restaurant is completely smoke-free.
Q Can we pay at the rstaurant by credit cards or electronic money?
A We do take major credit cards (there are some exceptions).
Electronic money is not accepted.